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Hello world! I’m Vryskar, or at least I’ve taken to going by that, and I’ve set out on an adventure in the writerverse. I’m an aspiring author and amateur blogger attempting to broaden my horizons by writing about things dear to me. Namely gaming and the gaming industry. These days “Games Journalists” seem not to care too much about the games they cover. Instead prioritizing wokeness and PC messaging over the content a game provides. As someone that cares dearly about gaming and fellow gamers that’s unacceptable. So here I plan to do my part! Writing about what a game actually entails and if I think it’s worth playing. As well as throwing my two cents out there for other news going on in the world. Rise up gamers, Neckbeards Unite!

  • Deus Vult! 3

    October 19, 2019 by

    I’ll state my bias from the get go, I love Crusader Kings. It was my first real game when getting into PC gaming all those years ago and I still play it today. With over 300 hours logged on Steam I consider myself something of a master at navigating the dynastic chaos that is Crusader… Read more

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  • The Newest Avenger

    October 17, 2019 by

    I can say that Endgame will probably be the last Marvel movie I’ll see in theaters for a while. I grew up watching the series and felt obliged to finish it properly. The next phase of MCU will be bringing in a lot of new characters from the expanded universe but, while cool to see,… Read more

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